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Protect your website from automated form submissions (aka/ bots), with EZ-Verify's free image verification service. Our service provides simple to use XML web services to provide image based verification for your website forms.

Automated systems scan the internet looking for webpage forms they can submit information to. Most often, this information contains pornographic (adult) and/or advertising content. If your website forms are not protected, you are at risk of receiving such submissions.

You are at an even higher risk from these automated system, if you host forums, blogs, guest registries (or other such sites). If these systems submit javascript to your forms, and the submission appears on your site, they can execute code that could be harmful to your website visitors (known as Client Side Scripting).

Our unique image verification combines a random serious of background images, with letter and numbers on various angles and levels... making it virtualy impossible for automated systems to read the image (via OCR - Optical character recognition).

For a live demo of how EZ-Verify.com works, click here.

Click here to signup now for your 100% free EZ-Verify account, and start protecting your website forms today! If you already have a EZ-Verify.com account, click here to login now.

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